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Paddling 101:

You've just taken a sea kayak class and are all pumped up about learning more? Hopefully the videos below will help you out. These are some of the best instructional videos I've come across on Youtube.

Video: !!! Cold Water Boot Camp !!!
Description: "Volunteers experience the 3 effects of cold water immersion - cold shock, cold incapacitation and hypothermia. Learn how to survive a fall into cold water. "

Awesome cold water immersion video showing participants suffering from cold shock and how a PFD will save your life in cold water!!! All paddlers need to watch this one!

Author: NASBLASafeBoating

Video: Outfitting Your Whitewater Canoe
Description: "Advice from Leo Hoare on fitting out your canoe with the right equipment "
Author: getafixcoaching

Video: Canoe Rescue - The Curl
Description: "Excerpt from Canoe Safety DVD coming winter 08 showing the curl rescue with canoe coach Leo Hoare"

This video demonstrates how to use the boat that has dumped as a ladder to ease getting into the rescuers solo canoe. They also demonstrate how to get back into the canoe once it has been emptied.

Author: getafixcoaching

Video: Solo Canoe - Compound Back Stroke
Description: Contemporary Solo Canoeing - the compound back stroke.

"The Compound Back Stroke is actually a combination of two strokes and ends with a reverse J correction. It begins with a "farback" stroke, moves into a regular back stroke and is completed with a reverse J correction."
Author: Tom Lindblade

Video: Solo Canoe - Duffek stroke
Description: Also known as the stationary draw. A turning maneuver used in moving water.
Author: Tom Lindblade w/Steve Shapiro

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