Association History
The Rock River Canoe Association was formed in 1974 after Phil Siggelkow, owner of Blackhawk Outfitters, brought together people with a common interest in canoeing. The club averages 40 single and family memberships. We have members in Rock, Walworth, and Dane counties; numerous cities in the rest of the state; and a number of members from Illinois. Indcluded are factory workers, professors, doctors, engineers, business-people, retirees, and many from other walks of life.

Both canoes and kayaks are regulary paddled by members. Folks paddle solo, couples or families in tandems. We also have the dog(s), non-paddling partners who regularly accompany some of our members.

Our Purpose
The purpose of the Rock River Canoe Association is to promote the sport of canoeing, to provide a means of introducing enthusiasts to each other, and to arrange trips pleasureable for all members. To accomplish this, our trip chairperson plans a variety of trips with the assistance of our members. We also work with beginning canoeists to help them improve their skill and try new experiences.

Trips and Equipment
Members provide their own equipment. Most trips are relaxed and casual, cruising the rivers of Southern Wisconsin. Trips vary from a few hours to full day trips. A few weekend trips are also planned, usually during holiday weekends.

Trip planning takes place at the February trip planning meeting.

Various club members volunteer to be coordinators for trips they are familiar with or have researched. They locate start and stop points, set the times, and arrange shuttling of vehicles and equipment.

Trip Leaders should be called a few days prior to any trip for last minute details and/or changes in itinerary.

The Rock River Canoe Association maintains a Governing Membership in the American Canoe Association (ACA).

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